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The Division Vendor Reset Event Brings New Items And Blueprints

Despite of many issues, Ubisoft is actively supporting The Division through new updates and expansions. Now, Ubisoft recently again updated the game, which brings The Division vendor reset event.

The recently updated Vendor items include weapon and item blueprints that have been made available and obtainable for the players who are looking for a Gear Score of 204 and above.

A Youtube user has found all the items and weapon blueprints which have been added through new The Division update. The items can be obtained from DZ03 Safe Room, DZ05, Base of Operations,the GS 204, and from Underground too.

The items include blueprints for the Electronics Holster that costs 121,086 DZ funds, Tactical M1911 which costs 212,448 DZ Funds and the Extended Magazine available for 142,106 DZ Funds.

Moreover, the Enhanced PP-19 can be obtained for 632 Phoenix credits, Police 686 Magnum can be purchased for 503 Phoenix credits and the Classic RPK-74 can be obtained for 243,414 DZ Funds.

The Division Vendor reset event is a part of the new in-game events that Ubisoft has launched to appreciate the fans, and giving back to them for their support for the game since launch. To be more precise the events will be mainly for the players who have purchased the season pass for The Division.

In related news, Ubisoft is stepping up its game for The Division movie. A new report suggests that Oscar nominee, Jessica Chastain, is in negotiations with Ubisoft to star in the leading role.

However, Jessica Chastain will not be the first to join the cast of The Divsion Movie, as Jake Gyllenhaal has already signed a deal to star in the movie. Jake will not only star as the leading role, but he will also produce The Division Movie himself.

The Division is a third person shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.