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Someone Has Hit the Pokemon Go Level Cap

One very dedicated would-be Pokemon master has done achieved a staggering feat, reaching the Pokemon Go level cap within several weeks of release. The game goes all the way up to level 40, each level requiring more and more experience points starting at level 30. On the last jump from level 39 to level 40, getting to the next level requires 5 million XP.

Experience gaining in Pokemon Go can be done in various ways. The most obvious way is catching Pokemon, where you get several hundred XP for catching a new Pokemon and 100 XP for catching one you’ve gotten before. You can also get more XP points from the way you throw it and how it lands on the Pokemon as well.

Hatching eggs, visiting Poke Stops, evolving Pokemon, and capturing gyms from other teams can also help you gain experience, though eggs requires you to actually have eggs, evolving needs you to have candies to evolve Pokemon, and visiting Poke Stops only gets you 50 XP points each.

For this player to have gotten to the Pokemon Go level cap, they did have other ways to get more experience. The Lucky Egg item boosts your XP gain for half an hour, which could allow you to get a lot of experience if you do a large number of other things while its effect is active.

Unfortunately, the player in question, Reddit user name_problemz, who did the feat, reached the Pokemon Go level cap by cheating. Creating a script that made his avatar automatically walk around the map, name_problems had his character automatically walking around, catching Pokemon by itself without any legwork on his part.

Why? Because he wanted to see if it was possible. Considering that getting from level 39 to level 40 would take a very long time it’s not really that surprising that someone would want to take the easy way out, but no one said being a Pokemon Master was easy.