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Rainbow Six Siege Anti-Cheat System ‘BattleEye’ Launches In Beta State

Since the dawn of online gaming, there always have been cheaters infesting the online games. To prevent players from cheating developers and publishers use different methods. Ubisoft has also deployed Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat system.

Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat system is BattleEye, it prevents players from cheating and is currently launched for the game in beta state. The BattleEye client will launch as player starts the game. As soon as this anti-cheat software detects a player for cheating, it will the block the cheat being used or the player will be banned.

This protection system have been evolving since it was first released in 2004, and have been used in many other games like Battlefield 2 and ARMA. Ubisoft has also issued a statement regarding the implementation of Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat system.

To ensure that BattlEye runs smoothly with our game and prevents cheating, we will be performing tests on a large scale with all our PC players, and so for several weeks. We will keep you informed as we make sure that this anti-cheating client-side product is best adapted to our needs. We thank you in advance for your patience and feedback.

In related news, Rainbow Six Siege next expansion Operation Skull Rain is scheduled to release next wee. Ubisoft, detailed its new map included in the expansion but did not showed any gameplay. However, a video leaked on the internet which gamers a good look of the map, its operators and their abilities.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Skull Rain brings two new operatives and a new map, Favela. Favela is the most destructible map for the game to date.

The map will be free for all players, while the operators will be exclusive to season pass holders for a week. After that the operators will be available to purchase through in-game currency.

Rainbow Six Siege’s next expansion Operation Skull Rain is scheduled to release on August 2 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.