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New For Honor Trailer Shows Off E3 Accolades

A new For Honor trailer has been released that brags about the game’s E3 accolades. Not only that, but it also announces that the game will also be at Gamescom on August 16. For Honor has been making waves on every gaming show it’s been shown at for its visceral combat, art style, and unique “Art of Battle” mechanic.

For Honor got a lot of coverage at E3 2016’s Ubisoft conference, where the devs at Ubisoft Montreal showed off the game’s story mode intro cutscene along with one of its missions. In that mission, the Viking faction (known as the Warborn) assault the Myre, a fortress of the Chosen, the samurai faction. Another mission, the very first in the game, showed off the tutorial and the culture of the knights.

Along with fighting the other factions, you’ll also be fighting the forces of Apollyon, a bloodthirsty warlord that wants to keep the unceasing war between the factions going.

Backing up this footage is a number of new accolades in the new For Honor trailer. Gamesradar says that it’s silly amounts of satisfyingly crunchy fun, and IGN’s Vince Ingenito praised the game’s Art of Battle system, saying that it made his brain work almost as much as his fingers. The Art of Battle system revolves around move and countermove, having your weapon in the right place to block enemy strikes or move around their block and hit them.

These accolades in the new For Honor trailers only show one part of the game as well; considering the full game will be offering Vikings, samurai, and European knights as the three different sides of the story.

If you want to be a part of the For Honor experience and try it out for yourself, all you have to do is sign up for Uplay in order to be entered in for possible access to the game’s alpha and beta play periods.