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Become the Ultimate “Pokémoan” Master With Pokemon Go Themed Dildos

Well, we already know of a Pokemon Go dating app that would help players catch love while catching Pokemon. However, the internet is taking things one step further, actually, it is taking it all the way.

Geekysextoys has launched a new line of Pokemon themed Dildos. Inspired by the success of Pokemon Go, it looks like this retailer of exotic toys wants some players to play a different kind of game with Pokemon.

They are offering Bulby, Charmy, Squirty, and Piky themed toys. The retailer is calling it “Pokemoan” line of toys.

Well, interested buyers can head over to the official website because they want you to “get em all.”

Pokemon Go is a global phenomenon and millions of players around the world are experiencing it. It was only a matter of time before something like this popped up so it’s not a surprise at all. Porn and Sex toys industry is known for providing video game inspired content – whether they are Overwatch videos or Pokemon toys – they have it all.

However, I was personally a little disappointed to see Master Yoda as a Dildo. That’s not a place where he should be. Looks like a different kind of Force is with him.

It would be interesting to see how Nintendo and The Pokemon Company thinks of these toys. I don’t believe they are official license products, they can’t be!

What do you think of these toys? Do they ruin Pokemon for you? Let us know in the comments below.