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Xbox Scorpio vs PS Neo vs Nintendo NX – Specs Analysis and What to Expect

During Microsoft’s E3 media briefing, the company announced a slimmer version of Xbox One called Xbox One S and an upcoming 4K-capable console codenamed Xbox Scorpio. Microsoft, however, is not the only one in the race of delivering more powerful console as both Sony and Nintendo are also working on new consoles codenamed PS Neo and Nintendo NX respectively leading to another Xbox Scorpio vs PS Neo vs Nintendo NX debate.

Xbox Scorpio vs PS Neo vs Nintendo NX – Specs Analysis

With the sole exception of Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio, there is hardly anything solid we currently know about both Playstation Neo or Nintendo NX. We do, however, can make speculations based on what we have learned thus far.

Xbox Scorpio and PS Neo – Race to 4K Gaming

While Microsoft explicitly confirmed Xbox Scorpio during its E3 media briefing, Sony’s conference essentially centered around Playstation VR and upcoming exclusives. And although the company did confirm that it is working on a powerful new console, details are scarce.

We do know that both the consoles will support VR and will make 4K gaming on home consoles a possibility, finalized specifications are all speculations. Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio will bring 6 Teraflops of GPU power, making it about 4x more powerful than Xbox One and even PS Neo with 4.4 Teraflops – according to one rumor – and 36 Radeon GCN compute units running at 911 MHz, according to another one.

Coming to processing power, Xbox Scorpio packs an 8-core CPU which is somewhat equivalent to 8 AMD Jaguar cores running at 2.1 GHz. When it comes to RAM and RAM bandwidth, there is nothing we know of Xbox Scorpio, but apparently Sony is targeting 8GB with 218 GB/s bandwidth for PS Neo. Lastly, both the consoles will provide 4K gaming experience.

Expecting 4K/60FPS gaming from these consoles is farfetched, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has confirmed that developers will be able to utilize 6 Teraflops of GPU power in any way they want. Sony, on the other hand, has yet to comment on the matter.

Price is another important factor to consider when comparing these two pieces of hardware. Neither Sony nor Microsoft has come out with a finalized price point, but given the power that Xbox Scorpio packs, anything between $400-$500 sounds economical. We have covered this entire price/performance debate in a separate article. Make sure to give it a read by heading over to the link!

Nintendo NX – Where Does It Fit Among the Giants?

We recently reported that with the upcoming Nintendo NX, Nintendo is not running towards graphics parity between the consoles, but to fit in its desired functionalities into the console.

Apparently, the Nintendo NX will be a hybrid console – a powerful handheld device with detachable controllers that users will be able to hook to a large screen TV and use as a home console.

Moreover, Nintendo is planning to do away with optical drives in the favor of digital downloads and 36GB gaming cartridges which is still way too small for modern video games on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

The reason why I said that Nintendo could care less about graphics parity is because it is reportedly employing NVIDIA’s powerful mobile processor Tegra which obviously is far less powerful than what Xbox Scorpio or PS Neo will have.

Similar to Xbox Scorpio and PS Neo; Nintendo, however, is reportedly also going with VR support, but will have a high price point as compared to earlier iterations.

Needless to say, but each company is striving to bring something unique to the mix. Microsoft has already announced that Xbox Scorpio will launch at the end of 2017 which may get pushed down further. Sony and Nintendo, on the other hand, have not disclosed anything concrete, but 2017/2018 seems like good window, making the current console generation one of the shortest ones out there.

So in Xbox Scorpio vs PS Neo vs Nintendo NX comparison, which of the upcoming consoles are you excited about the most? Let us know in the comments section below!