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New Trailer Shows Watch Dogs 2 Characters, Marcus Seems Ready to Impress

A new Watch Dogs 2 trailer from Ubisoft has shown off the Watch Dogs 2 characters that will be coming in the sequel to 2014’s “Watch Dogs”, ranging from the protagonist Marcus Holloway to the masked and emoticon-using Wrench. The game finally showed off some of its gameplay at E3 2016 back in June.

The various Watch Dogs 2 characters that will be in the game are a diverse group of young people that want to enact change, and use their various computer skills to attempt to affect that change. Considering the moral issues of using ctOS that came up in the last game, Watch Dogs 2 is its logical conclusion, that the DedSec hacker group doesn’t believe it’s right.

To start off, we have Marcus Holloway, the protagonist. A drone specialist and programmer, Marcus grew up in Oakland, and one day hacked into a website and saw that they had everything about his life and his family, and he didn’t think that was right.

Next out of the Watch Dogs 2 characters, we have “the” Wrench, who made a stir at E3 for his mask that included little emoticon faces on its LED goggles. Wrench serves as the group’s hardware specialist, making special gear for Marcus and the rest of the team to use.

Then, we have Sitara, the graphics designer of the group, who uses all of her skills to make DedSec look good whenever they decide to strike at injustice.

Finally, we have Josh, the group’s outright hacker. While he’s a guy of few words, he will occasionally give his opinion on something, along with a heaping helping of vulgarity.

All of these Watch Dogs 2 characters come together to make the protagonist group of the game, using it for a more noble purpose than revenge. Watch Dogs 2 comes out on November 15 of this year, and if you want to see the trailer for yourself, you can see it here.