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Total War: WARHAMMER Update Coming With Free Content

Developers are releasing a new Total War: WARHAMMER update. Players are getting free new content including Empire Amber Wizard hero, The Lore of Beasts, The Beastmen as new and terrifying AI-opponent in the Grand Campaign, and four new Custom and Multiplayer battle maps.

Furthermore, Sarthorael The Everchosen, the Chaos Lord of Change, is available as a Legendary Lord in custom and multiplayer modes. It is a massive update for Total War Warhammer so expect many changes and improvements as well. Fixes for Chaos Warriors, Greenskins, Dwarfs, Vampire Counts, Empire are made.

Head over here to see what specific changes and improvements are made to these classes. Meanwhile, general fixes are posted below.

Total War: WARHAMMER Update Notes


  • Fixed a bug where enemy units would remain hidden until around 10m away
  • Fixed an issue that prevented cumulative resistance caps applying, enabling some units to become immune to damage
  • Limited use items will now display the remaining duration whilst active in Battles
  • Updated the rallying Battle mechanic to require units to have more than 0 Leadership before they are able to rally
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow the player to use ranged attacks without expending any ammunition in Battles
  • Unit card health indicators will now display correctly when fighting battles with a very large amount of units
  • Fixed an issue where unit cards were not being deselected if the player moves the mouse off of them whilst the unit is taking damage
  • Fixed a bug where explosion damage was not being applied to all entities
  • Camera mode now uses standard camera setting when loading in to campaign quest battles
  • Default deployment zone sizes adjusted for custom battles
  • Defenders in Ambush Battles will no longer briefly see the terrain and enemy army before the screen blacks out
  • Improved Battle AI behaviour when the entire opposed army consists of a single Lord

Total War: Warhammer is now available on PC.