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Rainbow Six Siege Free To Play For Gold Members This Weekend

If you’re one of those people that have wanted to play Rainbow Six Siege but either don’t have the money to buy it or aren’t sure if you’d like it, you can now have Rainbow Six Siege free to play for Xbox Live Gold members this weekend, from July 28 to July 31.

Rainbow Six Siege revolves around a special anti-terrorism task force clearing out numerous buildings, ranging from houses to government planes to diplomatic consulates. Players must make use of special equipment from robots to shields to avoid various traps and clear out dozens of terrorists from each map, disarm bombs, or rescue a hostage.

All of this will come as you utterly destroy the building.

The game has also recently released its Dust Line update, giving players that want Rainbow Six Siege free to play a few new maps to play through in addition to the base game. The game also has its Skull Rain DLC releasing next week, which is the perfect time for you to buy it if you want the game and its DLC without spending too much.

Skull Rain will be giving players two new operators and a new map, set in a Brazilian favela.

In addition to Rainbow Six Siege being free to play for Gold members, the game will also be on sale for the entire week, so if you decide that you like it you can get it at a discount and even be abel to buy the DLC, if you still have the money for it.

Remember that you can only get Rainbow Six Siege free to play this weekend only, and only if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member. If you play it and enjoy it you can also buy it for a reduced price, and you’ve also got a new DLC that will be coming out to add to the bargain.