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Pokemon Go Player Finds Himself in the Middle of a Shootout While Looking for Magikarp

The craze of Pokemon Go has spread across the United States and Las Vegas is no exception. In the midst of everything Pokemon Go, some very unfortunate incidents have occurred.

Authorities have warned players to not be out of the house playing Go at wee hours. Unfortunately, players do nothing but contravene these warnings. Now, another incident has occurred where a Pokemon Go player was shoot.

On July 25, 6 Pokemon Go players went out in search of Magikarp in a nearby park in Las Vegas. At late hours of the night there hunt was interrupted by a man and his underage driver, pointing guns at them.

It was an attempted robbery but one of the Pokemon players resisted and took out his own weapon. This resulted in a shootout which injured a different Pokemon player.

The injured player was hospitalized along with the robber. Thankfully, both suffered non-life threatening injuries. The robber and his underage driver are facing criminal charges.

The incident took place at 4 A.M in the morning which is no time to be out playing Pokemon Go. Risking your safety to catch Pokemon is nothing but stupidity.

Previously, a Pokemon Go player in his late 20’s was stabbed multiple times by a group of men at Schweitzer Park on the 200 block of Bel Air Street in Anaheim. Elsewhere, two men fell off a cliff while looking for Pokemon.

It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT play GO at late hours of the night.  The augmented reality game that is available on iOS and Android devices isn’t worth risking your safety.