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Nintendo Delays Pokemon Go Plus To September

Pokemon Go is the most popular Pokemon game of all time, and Nintendo intends to cash it to the last penny. With Popularity of Pokemon Go through the roof, Nintendo announced Pokemon Go Plus, a wearable accessory for the game, but Nintendo has announced that it has been delayed.

Nintendo announced that delay through its Twitter account, according to the company Pokemon Go Plus will launch in September. Originally Nintendo was planning to release this wearable accessory in July.

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Nintendo did not specified the reason for the delay, but an educated guess is that due to the phenomenal success of the game Nintendo intends to take its time to manufacture enough units to meet the demand.

Pokemon Go Plus is compatible with both Android and iOS, and it costs $34.99. Pokemon Go Plus is designed so that players will be able to play Pokemon Go without taking out their phones. This Bluetooth based unit can be worn as a pin or with a wrist strap. Pokemon Go Plus alerts the player when a Pokemon or a PokeStop is nearby.

In related news, Pokemon Go craze is making people to make decisions that does not make sense, at least not to us. A twenty six year old Sophia Pedraza, who was making £2000 a month, has quit her job to play Pokemon Go. Maybe her job was not fulfilling enough.

There have been all sorts of weird incidents involving Pokemon Go, like people getting robbed or stabbed. This time a Pokemon Go player was involved in a shootout while looking for Magikarp.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs and published by The pokemon Company for iOS and Android.