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Two New Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games Added to the List

Two new Xbox One backwards compatible games have been released onto the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility service: the rhythm game Boom Boom Rocket, and the 2002 adventure game Syberia. While the first was an arcade title, the second was a full game developed by Microïds.

Boom Boom Rocket is basically a prettied-up rhythm game, making players trigger fireworks in a display in time to music. The game was very colorful, and later in the Xbox 360’s lifetime got an update that allowed it to work with other controllers like the Guitar Hero Guitar and dance pads. The game’s riot of a color scheme shouldn’t really come as a surprise, considering it was developed by Bizarre Creations, the developers of Geometry Wars.

The second of the new Xbox One backwards compatible games, Syberia, is instead a critically acclaimed adventure game. Syberia focuses on a young American woman named Kate Walker as she goes on a very strange journey across Europe attempting to find the last living relative of a toy factory’s owner in order to have his permission to sell the factory. The game’s plot also causes Kate to question her life as a lawyer and her deteriorating relationship with her fiancé.

You can now download both of the new Xbox One backwards compatible games off of the Xbox One store, or if you already own them you just need to pop the disk in and download an update that will allow you to download the game to your console.

These two new Xbox One backwards compatible games are merely the latest to get on the rapidly-growing list of games that are backwards compatible on the Xbox One, which include critically acclaimed games like Bioshock, the Gears of War series, and others.

These games will join various remasters coming out soon, such as a remastered version of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remastered.