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Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a Mess on PC

PC games are usually a mess these days and it seems neglecting this platform has become the norm. Games that release across different platforms often end up being poorly optimized on PC.

The biggest example was last year’s Batman: Arkham Knight which was so messed up that they had to pull it from the market. Unfortunately, over at Marvel things aren’t any better.

Developer Zoe Mode released Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 on PC yesterday. Just having a look at its Steam user reviews show the entire story. The game is a poorly optimized port for PC. Here are some top Steam user reviews:

If you are going to charge close to full retail price for your game, at least make an effort to have it playable. Very first button prompt, the please press A part doesn’t work. How does that get passed QA. Come on.

Controls are broken with XBone controllers, no DLC with MUA1. Another ♥♥♥♥ tier Activision port, big shock.

Terrible port. Nothing seems to work. The controls don’t work and sound issues. This game is a mess. I’ll buy it later when both games are fixed. For now i’m getting a refund.

95% of Marvel Ultimate Alliance user reviews are negative and hardly anyone is recommending. Things aren’t the best on consoles as well but it is at least in a playable state.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance PC ports will need to be fixed with post release updates.