Dead Rising 4 Cut-Scene Leaked; Check Out Frank West as a Mentor

Dead Rising 4 will mark the return of Frank West in the lead role. He is visiting Willamette, Colorado, during another zombie outbreak. He will investigate the event, kill hundreds of zombies while making some new friends.

Speaking of friends, a cut-scene from Dead Rising 4 leaked earlier showing Frank and a young wanna-be journalist. She and Frank are investigating a lead regarding illegal human experimentation. Frank is showing her the ropes and how “a real field journalist” does things.

The graphics look clunky and outdated to be honest.

However, this video is not of best quality so we shouldn’t judge just yet. A lot about the game is still being kept under wraps but do know that there won’t be a timer system in Dead Rising 4.

Furthermore, the game will release on Xbox One and Windows PC. Meanwhile, players on PlayStation 4 can experience Dead Rising 1 and 2 remasters soon.

Dead Rising games coming to PlayStation 4 means we may see Dead Rising 4 on the platform. Nothing is confirmed yet and Microsoft seems to have this franchise on lockdown.

We’ll have more for you on Dead Rising soon.

The game is releasing on December 6 across both platforms. Pre orders are live for Xbox One and Windows PC.