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Burnout Creators Begin Working On A New Driving Game

Burnout series is famous among gamers for its innovative gameplay and design. However, we might not see a new in the franchise any time soon, but the director of the famous Burnout series, Alex Ward, has announced that the development has started on a new driving game.

He announced the new project with a short message on his Twitter account. Alex did not provide any details about this new driving game. The tweet has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from the fans.

Alex Ward is working alongside with his fellow Criterion developers Fiona Sperry. The two founded a new studio, Three Fields Entertainment, in 2014.

Three Fields Entertainments’ latest project is Dangerous Golf, and the game certainly had some inspirations from Burnout. The game tasked players with hitting a ball in such a way that it causes maximum destruction in its surroundings.

According to Three Fields Entertainment, Dangerous Golf is as serious a golf game as Burnout is a simulation of a driving game. According to the devs, they wanted to mix the destruction of Black while setting the golf ball of fire.

There has been a huge appetite among the fans of the series for a new game. The last game was Burnout paradise, which released back in 2008.

Electronic Arts owns the rights to the franchise, and with Need For Speed Most Wanted, which released in 2012, EA tried to cater to the racing franchise’s fans. However, it did not work out, and EA seems to be have to interest in reviving the franchise.

Let’s hope that this new driving game by Burnout devs will be something similar to Burnout games, which will fill the gaps in the lives of Burnout devs. Three Fields Entertainment is yet to announce for which platform the game will be released. Most probably the game will release for all three platform PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.