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Watch Dogs 2 Sitara Cosplay Guide Might Pique Your Interest

If you’re one of those people that is into the business of cosplay, the new Sitara cosplay guide that Ubisoft has released ahead of Watch Dogs 2’s release should help a bunch of new con-goers show up to conventions dressed as the DedSec member, who will be one member of the game’s main group.

The Sitara cosplay guide, in addition to showing you how you can make your own cosplay for the character, also gives you a little blurb that tells you about the character herself. Sitara is one of the smarter members of the cast of Watch Dogs 2, having knowledge in things like marketing, psychology, public relations, and more.

Sitara moved away from Los Angeles to San Francisco in order to get away from the former’s vapid celebrity-obsessed culture, but instead found it replaced by soulless tech giants, so she can put her self-taught hacking abilities to good use, while also doing her best to make DedSec look good in the public eye.

In the sense of cosplay, the Sitara cosplay guide shows the main outfit that she will wear in Watch Dogs 2. This includes eye makeup, a hoody, shoes, a pair of socks that have skulls on them (and are differently colors), and most importantly a color palette so that you can know what to use for all of the different colors in her outfit.

Sidara’s outfit seems to both be a part of the San Francisco culture and separate from it; despite the short shorts and hoody and makeup of California being a part of her makeup, Sidara has been able to put her own spin on things in order to make a distinctive look of her own.

If you want to take a look on how to dress up as this new hacker girl, you can follow this link to look at everything you need on the guide.