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Take Two Believes in Nintendo NX, Won’t Count Nintendo Out

Last few years have been rough for Nintendo due to the failure of Wii U. The console not only caused financial damage but major third party publishers dropped support. As a result, Nintendo will now have earn their trust back with NX.

Achieving this won’t be easy but overall signs are good. We know some publishers including Ubisoft is working on NX games. Nothing major has been announced yet though.

Nintendo previously said that it wants exposure of its hardware and games. Nintendo believes in itself and seems confident about making a comeback in the console space.

That confidence has increased Take Two’s faith in the company. Speaking in an interview, Take Two’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, stated that they believe in Nintendo and will never rule it out. The publisher feels pretty enthusiastic about Nintendo NX.

It’s not a slump, it’s intentional. They come to market, they do really well, and then they sort of exit the market for a period of time. They’ve been doing it for like 150 years, and that company has been doing the same thing… They’re really thoughtful, they come to market with something they really think is going to work, more often than not it really works, it blows up and then eventually they let it decline and they move on to the next thing. They don’t mind having time in between.

May be that is the problem? Having time in between allows its core audience to explore other options. Nintendo needs stability to survive in the console space.

At least that’s what I think.

Anyways, do let us know of your opinions in the comments below.

Source: Gameindustry