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Quake Champions Playable Heroes Detailed by Tim Willits

Quake Champions was revealed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, and fans were more than excited to see the return of their beloved game. Now, Studio Director has given some more information about the Quake Champions playable heroes and more.

In a video interview id Software Studio Director, Tim Willits, discussed the inspiration for the Quake Champions new class system, and goes into the details about four Quake Champions playable heroes.

Tim Willits was the designer on the original Quake, so it was really exciting for him to announce the Quake Champions. He said that he wants the players to know that the spirit of the true arena multiplayer competitive game, the feeling that fans know and love from the original Quake will be there in Quake Champions.

According to Willits the newest thing in Quake Champions is of course the champions. He further said that they have discovered with Quake is that almost everyone plays Quake differently. Like some players are just plain simple offensive or defensive in nature, Quake Champions is designed to fit player’s play style.

Players can choose the champion that best suits them, and can use their active abilities to add more depth to the matches and it will also help in team play.

He further detailed the four revealed champions of the Quake Champions Ranger, Nyx, Scale Bearer and Visor. The long time fans might recognize ranger from the original Quake, Ranger’s special ability is Dire Orb which allows him to teleport.

Screenshot 2016-07-25 12.41.07

Visor is also a classic character from Quake 3. Visor has the ability of “Piercing Sight”, which allows him to see enemies through the wall and other barriers.

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Nyx is the new character appearing in the Quake Champions. She moves at a faster pace compared to other champions. She can also phase to nearby locations, which makes her temporarily invincible.

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Last but not the least Scale Bearer is also a newcomer to the franchise. He is able to charge and ram its opponents using his “Bull Rush” ability.

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Quake Champions is being developed by id Software and will be published by Bethesda exclusively for PC.