Report: Nintendo NX is a Portable, Handheld Console with Detachable Controllers and Uses Cartridges

According to a recent report, the upcoming Nintendo NX will be a portable, handheld console with detachable controllers.

NX will basically be a powerful handheld console with two controller sections on either side which users will be able to attached/detach as they see fit.

Nintendo NX Is A Hybrid Console

Furthermore, users will also be able to connect the console to their TV/monitors for big screen gameplay experience, thus making the console a hybrid.

Apart from this, the report also mention that Nintendo NX will use game cartridges as the choice of physical media. The game cartridges, however, will be able to hold 32GB of game data which is still not sufficient, especially when we consider the size of most modern games on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Obviously, it goes without saying that digital downloads will be available. Do note that this is not the first time we are hearing of Nintendo employing cartridge-based system as we came across some patent documents mentioning The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on cartridges.

Coming to Nintendo’s choice of operating system, the reports states that Nintendo NX will not run on Android, but on a new operating system from Nintendo.

Lastly, going in line with previous rumors, the report states that Nintendo will employ NVIDIA’s powerful mobile processor Tegra. Due to unique nature of the device, Nintendo is not looking forward to visual parity. The company is mainly looking to squeeze all its technology into a handheld and could care less about how games look on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We also recently reported that Nintendo NX virtual reality may be viable, but users should expect a high price. To find out more, head over to the posts!

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Source: Eurogamer.