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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Skull Rain Update Detailed; Adds New Operatives, More Destruction

Rainbow Six Siege might not have made a splash that Ubisoft was hoping for but Ubisoft didn’t give up on it. The studio has been adding more content to the game through updates. And with the next update almost a week away from release, Ubisoft has revealed some details about Rainbow Six Siege Operation Skull Rain, which brings new operatives and more destruction.

Like the previous updates, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Skull Rain brings two new operatives and a new map. The map puts the player in a Brazilian favela which according to Ubisoft is Rainbow Six Siege’s most destructible map ever.

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The new operators come from Brazil’s Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais, or BOPE.

Caveira is the one of the two new operatives, she is a defense character. Caveira is equipped with M12 or SPAS-15 as a primary weapon, PRB92 as secondary. She can also equip C4 or barbed wire.

Caveira’s skill is silent step which lets her sneak up on the enemy. She then immobilizes her target and interrogates them to get the locations of other team members.

Capitão is the offensive character he carries a M-249 or PARA-308, PRB92 as a primary weapon and frag or stun grenades. He also equips a crossbow that fires asphyxiating bolts that burn oxygen within a certain radius, or he can equip the micro” smoke grenades.

Other minor additions in Skull Rain are an angled grip attachment that takes less time to switch from hip fire to aim down sights, a surrender system that lets ranked matches end early if the majority of a team votes for one before the third round, and a Tactical Realism custom game mode which removes kill confirmations and a number of other HUD elements and adds more realistic magazine management.

The map will be free for all players, while the operators will be exclusive to season pass holders for a week. After that the operators will be available to purchase through in-game currency.

Rainbow Six Siege Skull Pain update is scheduled to release on August 2 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Blog.Ubi.