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Pokemon GO Costs The Shining Stars a WWE Tag Team Match

Pokemon Go is a global phenomenon and people throughout the world are playing the game. There are over 75 million downloads worldwide and Niantic now aims to release the game in more countries.

The craze is taking over politics, sports and now WWE as well. Those who follow WWE would know a recently introduced tag team, The Shining Stars, faced Enzo Amore and Big Cass on RAW.

The match was going great for The Shining Star and they could have picked up the victory. However, Pokemon GO stood in the way. Ron “R-Truth” Killings of The Golden Truth stumbled in the ring holding a smartphone and trying to catch Pokemon.

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The distraction cost The Shining Stars a win and gave more mainstream exposure to Pokemon GO. Not that it needs it.

The Shining Stars won’t be happy about what happened and may want to settle the score with R truth. Tune in to WWE RAW next week to find out how The Shining Stars react.

As for Pokemon GO, it is available on iOS and Android devices. You can download and experience on of the best augmented reality games of out time. In fact, GO inspired Ubisoft to work on its own augmented reality game.

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