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No Man’s Sky PC Launch Date Will Be August 12, Delayed for 3 Days

The No Man’s Sky PC launch date will be on August 12, two days after the PS4 version of the space exploration sim game comes out. The game had previously been slated to come out on PC on August 9, along with the console version of the game.

No Man’s Sky is an open-world space exploration simulator that promises so many planets to explore that the sun will burn out five different times before players explored them all. The game, which had at least some gameplay shown at every E3, is one of the Playstation 4’s most anticipated titles.

It got to the point that when Hello Games announced that the game would be delayed a few weeks ago, people actually sent the developers death threats.

Thankfully a while after that the game was finally confirmed to have gone gold, so now Hello Games only has to do a bit of fine-tuning to get the game ready to release next month, both with the No Man’s Sky PC launch date and the No Man’s Sky Playstation 4 launch date.

In No Man’s Sky players will have the run of an entire simulated galaxy, doing everything from exploring to engaging in piracy to having space battles against other players and random pirates. At the same time the game will also have an enemy, called the Sentinels, that will attack you if you try and disturb the environments of worlds they’re protecting.

With the No Man’s Sky PC launch date only around three weeks away, players don’t have much longer to pre-order the game if they want to, or make sure that their computers can actually run the game with its vibrant colors and absolutely massive world.

In the meantime, considering the amount of publicity that No Man’s Sky has gotten, both Hello Games and Playstation can expect a great period of sales for the game…as long as it lives up to the hype.