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New League of Legends Character Kled Revealed, Abilities Detailed

A new League of Legends character was revealed a few days ago: Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier. A yordle like Teemo, Gnar, Corki, and the other yordle characters in the game, Kled rides on a large, bipedal lizard mount called Skaarl.

A resident of the nation of Noxis, Kled has apparently fought in every single campaign that the nation’s army has fought in. He’s said to have never backed down from a fight, and is apparently far more murderous than any other yordle in the game.

The new League of Legends character also had all of his abilities detailed. For instance his passive “Skaarl The Cowardly Lizard” allows his mount to take damage in his place. Any of Kled’s obtained bonuses and items also apply to Skaarl, but take too much damage and Skaarl will run. Kled can, however, help build up Skaarl’s courage by attacking enemy structures.

Kled also has the “Beartrap On A Rope” ability, which damages every enemy it passes through and latches onto the first enemy champion it hits. Once it hits Kled will pull the champion towards him, giving it a good amount of slow but decent damage.

Another one of Kled’s abilities is the “Pocket Pistol”, firing a blast in front of him and also knocking himself backwards.

Another of Kled’s passive abilities is called Violent Tendencies, which cause him to frenzy and deal additional damage based on a target’s max health percentage.

The new League of Legends character also has two abilities that he can only use while mounted. “Jousting” and “CHAAAAAAAAAARGE!” “Jousting” has the two charge for a certain spot damaging everything on the way. “Charge” homes in on a single enemy, giving them a bunch of damage based on their max health.

Kled works well with Lulu, Garen, and Kindred to boost and be boosted by them. However, he’s bad against Lux, Jana, and Tristana, whose crowd control, escape, and debuff abilities counter Kled’s in-your-face style of play.

Kled will be moving to the game’s Public Beta Environment in the 6.16 cycle.