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Destiny Update Releasing Today, We Have No Idea What It is For

Bungie is releasing a new Destiny update today across all major platforms. Developer Bungie hasn’t shared any details about the update so we can only speculate about its contents.

We don’t know what it brings but Destiny update 2.3.1 comes out on 10:00am PDT July 26.

Players who login to the game will find the update waiting and if you manage to grab it within a few hours of its release, you will be logged of the game.

Such players will see a WEASEL error code.

Bungie hasn’t mentioned any downtime which shows that this patch is a minor one. We’ll let you know if Bungie shares any details about the new update.

On a related note, we recently found out that No Man’s Sky might be using Destiny’s manu and UI design. We made a comparison of the two which showed similar design philosophy. Hello Games and Bungie are yet to comment on the situation but this won’t be the first time No Man’s Sky is accused of plagiarism.

Destiny released in 2014 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game received numerous updates and expansions since its release. The final expansion for the game will be Rise of Iron.

Once the expansion is out Bungie will shift its focus on Destiny 2. It is expected to be revealed sometime next year and may release in 2018.

Destiny 2 is welcomed but we hope Bungie will focus on putting more content in the base game. The original title lacked content when it first released and some questioned if it was worth $60 at release.

Do you think Bungie should focus on putting more content in base Destiny 2?