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Chewbacca To Be Playable Character In Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC

It is indeed a great time to be a gamer and a Star Wars Fan, as Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC has been finally revealed. The Death Star DLC will not only introduce new maps and vehicles for players, but also some new fan favorite Star Wars characters will be coming to the game also.

Fan favorite Chewbacca will finally be available in Star Ward Battlefront Death Star DLC, along with other characters from the Star Wars universe.

In the recent Star Wars celebrations, it was revealed that Chewbacca will be a playable character, and once the DLC is released fans will be able to decide moves and actions of the character.

In addition to Chewbacca, “Bossk ” a bounty hunter was also revealed to be additional playable character. More playable characters will also be revealed in coming days.

As the name of the DLC suggests, combat in the Death Star DLC will take place inside the walls of the ultimate weapon, and also outside it.

During the event DICE also revealed the next and final DLC after Star Wars Battlefront Death Star will be Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif. According to reports the DLC will be tied to the events in Rogue One movie.

Star Wars Battlefront Skrimish mode is also live for the game. This new mode allows players to play solo or in online co-op. This mode is available in Walker assault and Fight Squadron, while players will be able to play as heroes, but A.I will not be.

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC is scheduled to release in September for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, the September release date is confirmed for the season pass holders.

The season pass holders will get access to the DLC two weeks before everyone else, so it is possible that it might release in October for non-season pass holders.

Source: Starwars.EA.