Minor Star Citizen 2.6 and 2.7 Details Arrive; Star Marine FPS, Procedural Planets and More

Star Citizen is getting Star Marine with version 2.6 while version 2.7 will add procedural planets. Star Marine is the Arena Commander equivalent of fps. Meanwhile, Stanton system for Star Citizen 2.7 brings procedural planets. Devs plan to have 40 locations for Staton system by the end of the year.

More jobs and missions will be added and if you are using a GTX 980, expect to have around 45 to 50 FPS in-game while exploring these new planets. Performance may improve before the final build is out.

Developers are also introducing a new light system that looks much more natural within the procedural planets. You are fee to land manually anywhere you like, however, automatic landing only takes you to specific spots. Moreover, Microtech and Hurston will come in follow-up patches after 2.7.

The new cloud system will offer more depth and is going to feel more natural. Clouds will be much more than just a layer of texture once the new updates hit Star Citizen.

Last but not the least, expect improvements in server architecture as devs aim to reduce instances. The goal is to have more players within a server zone. One option is to mesh servers together. More on that will be shared soon.

Here are some new images from Star Citizen, enjoy!

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