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Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Royal Mode Detailed, Usual Pokemon Battles With A New Twist

Developer of Pokemon Sun And Moon are revealing more and more juicy details about the game. This time they have revealed a new mode for the game, Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Royal mode.

Speaking with Famitsu game director, Shigeru Ohmori, and producer, Junichi Masuda, revealed that in Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Royal mode players will have to be smart instead of just attacking their opponents.

According to the devs, in this mode strong trainers will not automatically win the match against less powerful trainers. Weak trainers can also win if they use the right strategy.

According to the devs Psychology will play a big part in Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Royal mode. Players will be able to try and judge each other tactics through their faces and body language.

The flow of battle will shift as players will form a group to take down a powerful trainer. Game Freak expects that with this mode players will start to pretend that they are not good at it in order to take advantage.

Game Freak speculates that the meta for Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Royal mode will be different from standard duel meta. Also the top level players might not find success in this mode. If this mode plays like devs explain them, then we shall see memorable matches in future tournaments. Lets Just hope Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Royal mode lives up to the fans expectations.

Game Freak does not seem to be stopping revealing more info about the game. Pokemon Company has announced that on August 1, more info about the game will be revealed. The next Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement will be made at 10:00pm JST, or 6:00am PT/9:00am ET/2:00pm BST.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to release on November November 18 for Nintendo 3DS.