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Pokemon Go Developer Apologizes for Servers Issues, Rare Pokemon Are Coming

Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile game of recent times. Millions of players have left the comforts of their homes to catch Pokemon. With such a massive release, server issues were always expected.

According to Niantic CEO, servers weren’t provisioned for what happened. They expected it to be a success but servers were in no way ready for millions upon millions of players. He assured the community that engineers are working on improving servers and their load bearing capabilities.

They’ll make sure servers are ready before introducing new features that may attract more audience.

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Furthermore, the studios teased upcoming rare Pokemon for Pokemon Go. The studio head stated that there are rare Pokemon they haven’t showed yet but they will arrive soon. “There are some rare ones that haven’t showed up yet that will be showing up.”

There are over 150 Pokemon available right now worldwide. Some of them are region locked and may not be available in your country for now. In United States, we have 142 Pokemon available to us. In fact, a recent reddit post revealed that a player has already grabbed all of these 142 Pokemon and now wants the region locked ones to become available.

At Comic-Con 2016, Niantic CEO also hinted that players will soon be able to turn Pokestops into Pokemon Centers. Players will come to heal their Pokemon through these centers.

Lastly, he mentioned that players should keep looking for easter eggs within the game. There is plenty that is still under wraps and needs to be discovered.

We’ll have more for on Pokemon Go soon.

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android devices.