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No Man’s Sky Formula Does Not Infringe any Patent, Sean Murray Reassures

Last week a dutch company, Genicap , came forward and claimed that No Man’s Sky formula for world generation was patented by them. This started a whole new controversy for the Hello Games, however, Sean Murray has now come forward and addressed the issue.

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The managing director of Hello Games took it to the Twitter to respond to the rumor. He denied that NO Man’s Sky formula is same as Genicap’s super formula. He also said that he will talk with Johan Gielis, founder of the Genicap, about the formula once the game is out.

No Man’s Sky doesn’t actually use this ‘superformula’ thing or infringe a patent. This is a non-story… everybody chill. I wish Johan Gielis, the author, all the best in future. We’re going to meet and chat maths once the game is out.”

However, Gielis did not wanted to create problems for the developer, as he himself is excited about the game. But an interview in which Sean Murray mentioned the formula, which made many people to speculate about its implications.

As Sean Murray has cleared that No Man’s Sky does not use the same formula, as Genicap has not pursued any legal action against Hello Games proves it.

In related news, the disc size for the No Man’s Sky has been revealed. According to Hello Games, No Man’s Sky file size is 6GB and also the first update for the game is already in the works. It is unknown that the update would be day one patch or will it release some time after the game’s launch.

No Man’s Sky is a first person space exploration game, with more than 18 trillion planets to explore. The game is developed by Hello Games for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and  is scheduled to release on August 9th, 2016.