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Hideo Kojima Reveals the Identity of the Man Behind the Mask

Hideo Kojima, the man behind Metal Gear Solid, is currently working on Death Stranding. The game is being developed by Kojima Productions in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment.

This is the very first game Hideo Kojima after his departure from Konami. After leaving Konami last year, Kojima-san revealed his new studio with a very unique mascot, a Luden.

For a long time we have speculating about the man under the suit. One theory claimed that it is Norman Reedus and once Sony revealed Death Stranding, that theory was further solidified. However, that theory has been put to rest by Hideo Kojima himself.

The person under the mask is not Norman Reedus! The man under the mask is infact Hideo Kojima himself. Speaking to GameInformer, Kojima-san revealed that he himself is the mascot for Kojima Productions. The suit he’s wearing is called a Extravehicular Creativity Activity Set, short for ECAs.

We don’t know much about the game itself though as things are being kept under wraps. Death Stranding is still very early in development and no one was actually expecting the title at E3 2016. It seems Sony wanted a hard hitter at E3 2016.

Death Stranding will release for PlayStation 4 and we may see it again at PlayStation Experience this year. Sony is apparently skipping GamesCom so PSX will sum up Sony’s 2016 and beyond.

PlayStation Experience will bring more of God of War PS4, Days Gone, Resident Evil 7 and more.