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Bethesda Shares Fallout Shelter Stats, More Than 50 Million Unique Players Since Launch

The game may have been released a year ago but Bethesda just recently shared some Fallout Shelter stats for those who love to track the numbers of their favorite games. According to these Fallout Shelter stats, there have been more than 5 billion play sessions across all platforms since the game was launched last year.

5 billion play sessions is a massive number for mobile based management game! Bethesda also shared that players have spent more than 715 million inhabitants out in the Wasteland to explore, collect resources and other objects as well as battle enemies.

The popular update 1.6 update allowed players to take on interesting missions as well as provided them with the opportunity to control their settlers as they travelled and searched different buildings and ruins in those missions.

Many of these locations included familiar one’s players saw earlier after Fallout 4 was released such as Red Rocket and Super Duper Mart. So basically, sometimes it felt like playing Fallout 4 from a different perspective and on a mobile device.

Players also had the opportunity, as the supervisor of those settlements, to create and organize groups for specific tasks and challenges. They also had to tackle various highly difficult challenges sent their way from the Vault, fight new and tough enemies like Radscorpions while getting their hands on some legendary loot.

The game also recently made its debut on PC for those who wanted to continue their adventures on the big screen or those who were unable to play previously on mobile for any other reason. The game is also available in one of the biggest mobile gaming markets of the world, China.

Some other interesting Fallout Shelter stats for those who want more:

  • Over 50 million players have tried the game
  • 660,742,811 babies have been born in the game since the launch
  • 2,733,861,282 disasters have occurred across settlements