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Playstation VR Title “Summer Lesson” Most-Wanted Playstation VR Title

The Playstation VR title “Summer Lesson”, where you study with a Japanese schoolgirl, has been surveyed to be the most-wanted Playstation VR title according to a survey by Japanese magazine Famitsu. Color me surprised (not). Out of 2,224 people surveyed, Summer Lesson beat out other games like Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto game, the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard demo, Ace Combat 7, and Gran Turismo Sport.

Granted, given that Japan is the country that gives us anime and manga genres like hentai, ecchi, harems, and more, it’s no surprise that more gamers there would want to interact with a pretty girl than be thrust into a disgusting farmhouse or a hectic battle in the sky between fighter jets.

Summer Lesson is fairly simple for a Playstation VR title. It’s on rails for the most part, all you have to do is nod or shake your head in response to the words of your study partner.

There’s still no telling whether this part of the Playstation VR lineup will even make to the West, however. Not even classifying the fact that it might trigger some kind of rating, Summer Lesson likely won’t have the same sort of appeal that other games on VR do in America.

Summer Lesson was one of the many games that made an appearance in a Playstation VR trailer that was put out by Sony several days ago, alongside Rigs (a mecha combat sport game), what looked like a space battle game, and more. Considering that visual-market like things are for the most part a niche market in the West, Sony may not release Summer Lesson abroad because it may not make money.

One thing that you do have to admit though, the girl is very pretty and the environment that the demo takes place in looks very nice, so if you’re just looking for a relaxing experience (rather than a chance to ogle a virtual girl), this may actually be the thing for you.