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PES 2017 File Sharing Will Be Adjusted for Ease of Use

The last version of the Pro Evolution Soccer file-sharing system proved to be extremely popular, so the feature will be making a return with PES 2017 file sharing on the Playstation 4. The file-sharing system will allow players to share various team jerseys and kits between various consoles.

When the file sharing system started last year with Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 having the option, players found the system to be somewhat clunky on the PS4 version, though the PC version of the file sharing worked fairly well.

PES Productions has said that they intend to make PES 2017 file sharing much more accessible. The game will be taking advantage of the file-sharing ability of the Playstation 4 to do the same thing with PES files, allowing you to mess with pretty much everything about your team.

These include how to change the color of your team’s kits, shorts, shirts, and more. All you have to do is just finalize your team’s look, put it in one file, and you can share it instantly with all of your friends or anyone that might like the look of how you dressed up your team.

The PES 2017 file sharing option is also available on the Playstation 3, but it’s not because of any special liking for Playstation. The Playstation hardware just gives the game’s team a good place to implement the sharing.

The file sharing option has proven to be wildly popular with fans of the series, so it’s likely that PES Productions will be doing their best to make the system as accessible as possible to as many people that they can.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is supposed to be releasing September 13, so thankfully it will have a grace period to make an impression the FIFA games from EA Sports, especially since FIFA 17 is coming out later that month and promises a lot of new things.