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Hajime Tabata Talks About Final Fantasy 15, Playstation 4 Neo, VR

It’s now a little over two months until Final Fantasy 15 comes out, when Square Enix’s latest tile in the venerable franchise will be releasing on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Hajime Tabata, who serves as Square Enix’s Head of Business Division 2 and is a member of the company’s committee on Final Fantasy, sat down with the French website “Gameblog” to talk about the game.

Final Fantasy 15 is undergoing probably the most aggressive marketing campaign that Square Enix has put out for a Final Fantasy game. In addition to the game itself getting trailers, it’s also gotten an anime (Final Fantasy 15: Brotherhood), a CG movie (Kingsglaive), and will also be getting a virtual reality segment on the Playstation VR where you can play as Prompto, using his revolver in combat.

All the same, there’s still a good bit of work to do on the game before it’s truly ready. According to Tabata, the game’s various versions are experiencing optimization issues, including framerate drops.

However, Tabata also talked about upcoming Playstation things, including the Playstation 4 Neo and the Playstation VR. Considering that Final Fantasy 15 is one of the best-looking Final Fantasy games right now, we may very well see a 4K version on the Playstation 4 Neo when it finally comes out. Not to mention that Sony is placing a lot of emphasis on promoting the Playstation VR.

We got a glimpse of that promotion at the Playstation E3 conference, which showed Star Wars space battle missions and the aforementioned ability to play as Prompto during the beast-hunting segment that took up the Episode Duscae demo.

Final Fantasy 15 will be releasing on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 30. Its companion movie Kingsglaive will be releasing August 19, to give viewers backstory on the game and what’s happening while Noctis and his friends are running around.