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Devs Discuss Pokemon Sun And Moon Setting Change, Pokemon Design And More

As the release for Pokemon Sun And Moon is getting near, more and more details about the game are being revealed. Now Shigeru Ohmori and Junichi Masuda has revealed more detials about Pokemon Sun and Moon changes to setting, Pokemon likeliness to real animals and more.

Speaking with Famitsu game producer, Junichi Masuda, discussed that reason behind Pokemon Sun And Moon changes to setting. According to him, Pokemon World Championships have been held several times in Hawaii, and he thought that it is a very energetic place with sea, volcano and waterfalls. So that is the reason why they chose a new region for the game based on Hawaii.

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They further discussed about the legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala, that will appear in Pokemon Sun And Moon. According to the game director, Shigeru Ohmori, both them are based on Sun and Moon, and with an impression that these two Pokemon govern the nature.

They further discussed about the Pokemon being in 3D, according to them the designer now have a clear idea about giving Pokemon expressions. That is the reason that Pokemon in the game are being designed according to their movements.

They said the idea of designing Pokemon based on their movements is that, they want players to recognize Pokemon by their movements.

When asked about the likeness of the Pokemon with actual living creatures, game director said that there have been already 2 Pokemon games on 3DS. So the series have matured in terms of its presentation.

By giving the feel of a living creature to a Pokemon they can evolve greatly. you can check out the full interview by following this link.

In related news, Pokemon company has announced that new Pokemon Sun And moon info will be announced on August 1st. However, the company did not mentioned what will be revealed, by judging from previous announcements, it is likely that new Pokemon will be revealed.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is being developed by Game Freak exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, and will arrive on November 18, 2016.