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Capcom Pro Tour DLC Will Support Street Fighter 5 Community

The Capcom Pro Tour DLC for Street Fighter 5 will be used to support the continuation of community events, rather than going into Capcom’s pockets. The statement came from Capcom community manager “Haunts”, who issued the statement after many Street Fighter 5 fans balked at paying 25 dollars for the DLC, which includes a new variation on Alex’s stage and a number of new costumes.

The proceeds from the Capcom Pro Tour DLC will be used to support the 2016 and 2017 events for the Capcom Pro Tour. The CPT stage has already been used in the Street Fighter 5 matches that were at EVO last week.

Haunts has said that he’s working on a Frequently Asked Questions page in order to address the concerns of Street Fighter 5 players that aren’t assured by his responses.

The proceeds from the Capcom Pro Tour DLC will be supporting the actual Capcom Pro Tour tournament. The money will contribute to the prize pools for the tournaments, though at the moment he can’t offer percentages due to a lack of knowledge about download numbers for the time being.

Various fan-held tourneys and events like EVO and others are part of the main reason that Street Fighter has become one of the most prolific fighting game series in years. At this year’s EVO an entire stadium of 5,000 seats was rented out for the finals of the Street Fighter segment of the event.

In addition to a prize pool at the Capcom Pro Tour, Haunts has also said that the revenue from the DLC will be used for various activations that will be used in the actual tournament and throughout the community within the next year.

This year’s Capcom Pro Tour tournament, which we saw end at EVO, had RZR|Infiltration (otherwise known as Seonwoo Lee) win the grand prize. He and four other players qualified for the Capcom Cup. They will be heading to San Francisco to compete in the final single-day tournament there.