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Umbrella Corps Demo Available For PlayStation 4, Only For A Limited Time

The launch for Capcom’s Umbrella Corps has not been a great one, with less than mediocre reviews many players are on the fence about getting the game. If you are one of those players who actually heard about the game and asking yourself “is it worth it”, then you might want to try the Umbrella Corps demo.

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The Umbrella Corps Demo exists for some reason, which I don’t know what it is, and it be available for a limited time on PlayStation 4. The Umbrella Corps Demo includes access to a number of maps and multi- mision mode.

According to Capcom the demo is feature rich, and also includes newly released free Spencer Mansion mode. The Umbrella Coprs demo will go offline on July 23rd at 11:59pm(7:59am Sunday, July 24 in the UK).

In the demo players will be able to play against those players who own the full game, and the download is relatively small, just 3.7 GB. Once the demo ends players will have to buy the game to further play it, the game is currently available for $30.

Umbrella Corps was released in July and performed poorly at launch, the reviews for the game were also not very encouraging for players to buy it. Just few weeks after the launch of Umbrella Corps the player count for the game dropped to just couple of hundred players. 

If you think that is surprising, well just after a month of game’s launch, it had below 100 players on average.

However, Resident Evil 7 is looking very promising for the survival horror fans, and currently a demo is also available for the game for PS Plus members on PlayStation 4 and also for PS VR.

Umbrella Corps is a multiplayer shooter developed and published by Capcom for PC and PlayStation 4.