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Pre-Order Civilization 6 and Get Aztec Civilization for Free

Gamers are in for a treat if they want to pre-order Civilization 6 before it releases this October. If you do that, you’ll be getting the Aztec civilization as a pre-order bonus, allowing you to play one of the classic Civilization factions, with a new leader, special unit, and special building.

The Aztec civilization is led by Montezuma, a historical king of the Aztecs that was overthrown by the Spaniards under Hernan Cortez. While that likely won’t happen in Civilization 6, the Aztecs will likely still be different from the other civilizations we’ve seen in the other trailers.

In addition to Montezuma as a ruler, the Aztecs will have a unique warrior unit, the Eagle Warrior, and a unique building, the Tlachtli. Their special ability allows them to be able to use workers to boost the construction speed of districts.

Montezuma’s own special ability is called Gifts for the Tlatoani, which causes luxury districts to give amenities to extra cities. In addition to that, every upgraded luxury within Aztec territory gives your warriors a bonus in combat power, allowing your troops to be stronger in combat.

The Tlachtli also works the same way, giving amenities, Faith, and points for Great Generals in the game when you build it in its proper slot in the entertainment districts of your cities.

The Eagle Warriors, the Aztec civilization special unit, is an upgraded version of the basic warrior that you start out with, which can give you a good edge in the early game, especially against other civilizations like Egypt. The Eagle Warrior special ability allows you to turn defeated enemy units into builder units, which can be useful as you’re clearing out barbarian camps at the beginning of the game.

Civilization 6 comes out on October 21, so if you’re not sure over whether to pre order the game or not to get the Aztec civilization, you’ve still got plenty of time to mull it over until the game comes out. If you don’t want to pre-order, you’ll have to wait 90 days before the DLC becomes available for everyone else. If you do pre-order, you’ll have the Aztecs on day one.