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Pokemon Go Now Officially Available for Download In Japan

While the people were busy playing Pokemon Go in the countries it was release, fans for other countries like Japan were demanding for the game to release. Now the Niantic has officially announced that the game is now available for download in Japan.

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Earlier this week Ninatic labs CEO, John Hanke , said that Pokemon Go will be considered by the team to be released  in Japan if they can mange the server demand. It comes as no surprise that Pokemon Go requires some serious amount of servers to be played in Japan, after all the country is the Homeland of the Pokemon.

Since then a report emerged that suggested Pokemon Go will release on 20th July, this gave Japanese players some hope. But hope turned to frustration as the game was not available for download on July 20th.

The report also confirmed the partnership with McDonald’s, and also suggested that McDonald’s will be the first sponsored location for the game. The report suggests that almost 3000 Mcdonald’s establishments in Japan will be the Pokemon Gyms as a part of the partnership.

However, the game is available now in Japan but still there is no indication that Niantic Labs had a partnership with McDonald’s. The announcement comes from the official Twitter account for Pokemon Go.

In related and amazing news, a Pokemon Go player has managed to catch all 142 Pokemon and it has not been a month since the game has been released. The reddit user also shared the image of his Pokemon collection, revealing all of his Pokemon he manged to capture.

There is no doubt that Pokemon Go is a huge success, and interestingly Ubisoft has been inspired by it. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot shared his plans to develop their own AR game, and said that it will be a unique game not and very different than Pokemon game.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android.