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Next Pokemon Sun And Moon Announcement Will Arrive On August 1

Game Freak has already revealed a lot about their upcoming game, Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, the dev does not seem to stop sharing more details about the game, as earlier this week six new Pokemon were revealed. Now Pokemon company has announced that they will make the next Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement on August 1st.

The next Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement will be made at 10:00pm JST, or 6:00am PT/9:00am ET/2:00pm BST. No details are known as of yet to what will be the next reveal. However, judging from the previous announcements, it is likely a new Pokemon or a feature will be revealed.

In related news, Pokemon Sun And Moon Steelbook Dual Pack is also available for pre-order. For those who don’t know Steelbook Dual pack is a single purchase that gets you both Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon.

However, the Dual Pack is exclusively available on Amazon. This Steelbook Dual Pack includes both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games along with collectible steelbook case.

It also includes the outer art that features Legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala. The inner art features the map of some of the Alola region. The Pokemon Sun And Moon Steelbook Dual pack is available for $89.99.

Earlier this week new Pokemon Sun and Moon details were shared by the Pokemon company, including six new Pokemon: Wimpod, Bounsweet, Comfey, Mudsdale, Bewear and Mimikyu.

Wimpod Is a Bug/Water based Pokemon with a “Wipe out” ability, Bounsweet is a grass Pokemon with Leaf Guard / Oblivious ability, Comfey is a fairy type Pokemon and it has the ability of Flower Veil / Triage, Mudsdale is a Rock type Pokemon with the ability of Own Tempo / Stamina.

Bewear is a normal/ fighting  type Pokemon with Fluffy / Klutz ability, and last but not the least Mimikyu is a ghost type Pokemon with Disguise ability.

Before the official reveal, Mimikyu was leaked along with another Pokemon called Kiteruguma. Kiteruguma is a normal/fighting type Pokemon, and comes with either of these two abilities: Fluffy or Klutz. However, the real name for this Pokemon was revealed to be Bewear.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to release on November 18 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.