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New Mafia 3 Trailer Shows Dangers of Mafia Lifestyle

A new Mafia 3 trailer (live action) entitled Death Suits You has just been released by 2K Games, and shows the dangers and consequences of the mafia lifestyle. In it, we get to see two different people preparing for a funeral: the corpse of a mafia boss, and his grieving wife.

The new Mafia 3 trailer also focuses on the opposite side of the game, the black crime gang that whoever shot the gang boss will be taking his revenge on in the trailer. The trailer runs parallel to the plot of Mafia 3, where Lincoln Clay, the game’s protagonist, returns home from the Vietnam War. Welcomed back to the black crime gang he grew up with, the gang is wiped out by an attack by the New Bordeaux mafia, leaving Lincoln to swear revenge.

The new Mafia 3 trailer does a good job of showcasing how dangerous a life of crime is, and how damaging it can be even if you’re still alive. Both the man in the trailer that appears to play Lincoln and the wife of the mobster he kills are left grieving after the respective murders, showing the high stakes and danger that someone is prone to, even if they’re someone as powerful as a mob boss.

In the game, Lincoln will have the run of New Bordeaux as he works to get his revenge, building up a new gang that he’ll have to be careful around, lest they turn on him and try and kill him themselves for whatever reason.

Considering that the Mafia series has always prided itself on its story (Mafia 2 had hundreds of pages of script), it’s likely that 2K will be giving us a great deal of emotional torque as we follow Lincoln through his quest for revenge, Personally, considering the circumstances, you might be wondering how the game will end, and if Clay will find that it wasn’t really worth it after all.