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New League of Legends Champion Kled Revealed After LCS Match

After a lot of hints and teasers, Riot has finally revealed a new League of Legends champion which will be playable soon. Officially revealed through a trailer, Kled is the new League of Legends champion and he looks a funny one too, a Noxian Yordle in fact.

For the past few weeks, Riot Games had been putting up posters across various PC gaming cafes, in their LCS studios as well as other League related locations. The posters were in fact not only a tease of upcoming character but also a hint at his backstory and relationship with his mount.

Apparently Kled was fed up of his mount and wanted to get rid of it since it ran “only straight” and its stench seemed to be unbearable for Kled. Turns out he did manage to offload the mount to someone as was evident by some more posters that appeared a week later.

According to these new ones posted around the NA LCS studio, Kled was now missing his mount and considered it one of the finest things to ever happen to him as suggested by Kled saying “Patrolling ain’t the same without him”.

Seems like the mount’s stench was no longer repellant to Kled and he now considered the mount as one of the deadliest creatures he ever saw.

During the first day of Week 8 of EU LCS, Riot games finally unveiled the identity of this new Kled character through a trailer. The trailer was released after the game between Fnatic and Splyce ended (which you should watch, spoiler alert: Splyce won).

No further information is known yet (besides the trailer suggesting he might be a ranged champion), but we expect a full reveal within the next couple of days. Kled will likely show up on the beta server for testing shortly after that. We’ll update with more information when we have it.