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Microsoft Growth Detailed at Financial Conference

The most recent Microsoft financial conference for this fiscal year has shown an explosion in Microsoft growth, in everything ranging from Windows PC platforms to the Xbox One to Microsoft’s Android phone. All of the different aspects of the company’s growth point towards a bright future for them.

According to the meeting, which was attended by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood, Microsoft showed that interest in the Xbox One had grown to record levels, with 49 million users active monthly. This is a 33% increase over the previous fiscal year. Microsoft had also released its subscription-based Minecraft Realms mobile game.

Earlier this year Microsoft unveiled its Play Anywhere program, where participating games could be played on both a Windows PC and the Xbox One without any loss of progress, and without having to pay for the other version of the game. This also came with a large number of hotly-anticipated titles for the Xbox One, which they showed at E3.

Adding to that, the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio were unveiled at E3. Project Scorpio may contribute especially well to Microsoft growth as a good competitor to the Playstation 4 Neo. Both consoles will be able to run games at 4K resolution, and Project Scorpio includes six teraflops of processing power, far more than the Neo does.

Microsoft is planning another bit of growth in the Xbox market as well in game sales, despite the decrease of purchasing physical hardware. This is more likely than not due to the digital purchasing that many gamers decide to do on their Xbox consoles.

Heading over to Microsoft growth in PC markets, the meeting said that the Windows 10 operating system is now running on 350 million different devices, both on their phones and on Windows computers.

With how this fiscal year was for them, we can probably expect a lot more Microsoft growth in the future, especially if the games that they have lined up for this year turn out to be good.