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GTA V Biker DLC References Found In Cunning Stunts Update

Rockstar just keeps on releasing new content for GTA V, and it seems that the company has no plans of stopping these updates any time soon. Recently, the developer brought Cunning Stunts update to the game, which brought new races, cars and more. Now, it seems that Rockstar plans to release GTA V Biker DLC next.

The cunning stunts update for GTA V has scripts which seems to be the next  GTA V Biker DLC. The news comes from GTA Forums, where a user posted these scripts which indicates that Rockstar intends to release GTA V Biker DLC next.

The scripts make references to biker “bad deal, initiation, joust, rescue contact, and export.” TezFunz, who discovered these scripts, noted that some of the scripts start with “gb” prefix, which is previously used for VIP or CEO missions.

These missions involve commanding other players and running jobs, so it might be that players will chose their own gang.


If you notice there is another script called “personal mod garage” and has a “am_mp” prefix which is usually related to owning properties in the game. So it might be possible that players will get their own bike customization garage.

Last week Rockstar released Cunning Stunts Update for GTA V, which brought a slew of new cars, races and liveries. The updates adds 50 new tattoos and more than 180 clothing items to the game, and also a new black jumpsuit is available for free.

However, earlier this week Rockstar added more content to Cunning Stunts update. The new content added six new races, with each specific to a vehicle type. Three new vehicles were added Ocelot Lynx, Declasse Drift Tampa and Western Cliffhanger.

Grand Theft Auto V is a open world third person game, developed by Rockstar for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.