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The Division Deadeye Bug Fix Coming Soon, Probably Tomorrow

The Division Deadeye bug, which allowed players to deal way too much damage even on the critical-boosting Deadeye armor set, will hopefully be fixed tomorrow, according to Hamish Bode on a recent Twitch stream. The bug allowed players to actually stack way too much damage on the Deadeye set, when it was only supposed to boost damage for the first shot.

The bug isn’t actually anything new; it’s previously happened in another earlier weapon talent. It’s also by far not the first bug that The Division has had in it; the game has actually become infamous for them at this point, to the point where at one point the devs have had to shut the game’s servers down multiple times in a week, to the anger of its players.

The Division Deadeye bug is related to one of the equipment sets that came with the game’s Underground DLC update. The specific set, the Deadeye set, was a must-have for long-range players, and would give you a damage boost after you score a headshot on an enemy.

The bug was that despite the set supposed to be taking away headshot damage when you noscope someone with a sniper rifle, the headshot damage had remained, allowing players to do much more damage than they should.

While normally this would be awesome for PVE gameplay, considering the Dark Zone is filled with players that would shoot you to get your loot, you’d obviously want as good of a chance as you could get to survive a shot.

While the Division Deadeye bug is supposed to be fixed tomorrow, there’s not a 100 percent chance that it will be, so until we actually have official confirmation from Ubisoft Massive that the fix has been put in, you should probably stay out of the Dark Zone.