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Final Fantasy XV Commands And Links, Skills Will Play Significant Role, How?

Final Fantasy XV will be the most diverse final fantasy game, and we have already seen some of the Final Fantasy XV combat in trailers. However, we have not seen it all, and this time Square Enix has detailed Final Fantasy XV Commands and Links , skills that will play a significant role in the game.

Final Fantasy XV is a RPG, so obviously there are many skills that will be features in the game. One such battle feature is Final Fantasy XV Links , which will automatically trigger once certain conditions are met during combat. However, there are many variations of this skill depending on the character.

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Lets start with Link Attack / Ignis, this variation of Links lets Noctis kick up the spear he is holding in his hand in the air and at the same time Ignis jumps high into the air to catch the spear. Then he stabs down an enemy to deal great damage.

The next Link attack is Back Attack Link which will be performed by Gladio, to activate this skill player must successfully attack the enemy from the behind. Then Back Attack Link with Gladio will activate, Gladio lifts Noctis in the air for Noctis to deal great damage in the air.

Link is not the only skill that will be available to players in Final Fantasy XV combat. Where in Links players will get the help of their allies, with Final Fantasy XV Commands players can give instructions to their allies. The effect and types varies with every character.

Star Shell Command launches a bullet that glimmers like a star, this will attract the attention of the enemy and halt its movement for a while.

With “Tempest” command Gladio swings his body while wielding a giant sword, this sweeps away all of the surrounding enemies. A followup attack can be triggered with successful additional input.

With “Mark” Command Ignis throws several daggers to indicate where player should attack. Following immediately Noctis moves between his targets quickly to drives in his attacks.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to release on September 30, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.