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Popular CS:GO Betting Personality Banned From Twitch After Terms of Service Update

One of the most popular Twitch personality in the CS:GO Betting community got banned. Phantoml0rd was denied access to his Twitch channel after terms of services agreement update.

His channel is no longer visible to the community and redirects to a notification of its closure. “The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations.”

Twitch didn’t mention which sections of the terms and services agreement he violated. However, we know that he was banned due to his Global Offensive weapon skin gambling streams.

There is a widespread crackdown on CS:GO betting websites and channels that promote it. It all started when Tmartn and ProSyndicate were caught red handed promoting their betting website without disclosure.

This opened a Pandora’s Box and various YouTubers were accused of the similar tactics. Soon after, Valve took notice and decided to take action. The company recently issued a cease and desist order to major CS:GO Betting websites.

These sites have basically pieced together their operations in two-part fashion. First, they are using the OpenID API as a way for users to prove ownership of their Steam accounts and items. Any other information they obtain about a user’s Steam account is either manually disclosed by the user or obtained from the user’s Steam Community profile (when the user has chosen to make their profile public). Second, they create automated Steam accounts that make the same web calls as individual Steam users.

The list includes:

  • CS:GO Lotto
  • CS:GO Lounge
  • CSSO2x
  • CSGODiamonds
  • CSGOStrong
  • CSGOdouble
  • CSGO500
  • CSGOcosmos
  • CSGOCasino
  • CSGO
  • CSGOhouse
  • CSGOatse
  • Societlogin
  • Dota2Lounge
  • CSG0fast
  • CSGOmassive
  • CSGOBig
  • CSGOwild
  • CSGOSweep
  • CSGOBattle
  • CSGOpot

Valve is working with Twitch and other channels to put an end to CS:GO Betting scene once and for all.