Pokémon GO’s Success Inspired Ubisoft To Work On Their Own AR Game

Inspired by Pokémon GO’s success, Ubisoft has decided to launch its very own Augmented Reality based game. Weeks after its launch, Pokémon GO seems to be showing no signs of stopping and has become a cultural phenomenon. Ubisoft has clearly been very impressed by this new arrival in the video game industry and its impact on the gaming community.

During the company’s first quarter sales call today, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot talked about how impressed they have been on what Nintendo and developers Niantic have managed to achieve in the mobile gaming market.

In regard to Pokémon GO, Guillemot was also asked whether Ubisoft had anything in the works akin to the app or specifically using augmented reality. While Guillemot did say Ubisoft is working on “a product using AR” on the way. After all the company is already working on VR titles so why not an AR based one as well.

Guillemot however did insist that their game will be unique and not the kind of game that Pokémon GO is.

Ubisoft may not have had the success of Pokémon GO during its first quarter, but the company did report strong sales coming in at $153 million, which is $15 million, higher than projected. By comparison, last fiscal year’s first quarter was around $100 million.

Digital sales in the first quarter accounted for 75 percent of total sales, which is up from 56 percent a year ago. Ubisoft is hopeful that the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 and Ghost Recon Wildlands will be massive hits and break some sales records as well.

It was impossible that Pokémon GO’s success would go unnoticed by other developers and publishers as the game managed to be such a huge success for Nintendo that their net worth is now more than Sony.

The game reportedly earns $10,000 through more than 5,000 downloads per minute.