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Pokemon Go Version 1.0.3 Has Released for iOS

Pokemon Go version 1.0.3 has finally been released for iOS phones, and we have all of the parts of the changelog here. The update is the third one that’s come out for the game, which has now been released in 33 different countries and has over 14 million players.

Pokemon Go hasn’t released without bugs, but the main problems it’s had are mostly server issues, as Nintendo and Niantic apparently vastly underestimated how many people would want to play the game. However, it doesn’t seem like the update has very much in it. Literally the only thing in the changelog for Pokemon Go version 1.0.3 is that there are minor text fixes.

For the most part, Pokemon Go actually runs very well, even before Pokemon Go version 1.0.3; the only problems that are had with the game appear to, as said above, just be the server issues, which are being constantly overloaded due to the sheer amount of people playing the game.

If anything, things happening in real life are more of a threat to the game, with various people having been injured while playing it through attacks by other people (mainly gang members or nutcases with guns) or falling off of cliffs.

At the same time, there’s also been a great deal of good things to come out of the game’s release. Nintendo’s stock has boomed, and the T-Mobile phone company has announced that they will be adding Pokemon Go to their lists of data usage applications that they won’t charge you for, much like streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Nintendo is also reporting a 3 million dollar daily revenue from the game due to its microtransactions system, which allows players to buy more Poke Balls, Lure modules, incense, and other such items that they may need.

There will likely be other, more substantial updates to Pokemon Go in the future, but