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Pokemon GO Stats And Attacks Sheet Compiled

It wasn’t going to be too long before players discovered Pokemon GO secrets. Already, savvy fans extracted lots of information. Although many people play Pokemon GO, not everyone fully grasps it.

There’s a lot of mechanics to learn. In addition to evolution, there’re Pokemon stats and techniques.  It’s a lot of complex systems. Too much for some, it seems like.

Pokemon GO’s system consists of tons of stats. The system includes breeding and battle elements. Furthermore, a lot of this information is not explained to players.

A group of redditors calling themselves “The SilphRoad” have compiled their findings on their website: A full sheet of Pokemon GO stats and attacks. Take care, though, viewing this page essentially spoils the entire game. If you wish to discover all this information on your own, don’t view the page.

The guide shows the stats and attacks of obtainable Pokemon. Pokemon GO stats and attacks are not shown in the app. In addition, battles themselves are not simple either. This guide should help aspiring Pokemon trainers. Game systems can be overwhelming at times so a guide can be nice for beginners.

Pokemon GO systems will only become more complex, though as Niantic CEO promised future updates to the formula.

While it hasn’t always made positive headlines, Pokemon GO is hugely popular. As a result, it became a financial success. 

The augmented reality game has become a cultural icon. A world wide phenomenon. Pokemon GO had over 15 million players in just over a week after its release. While not an app for everyone, Pokemon GO still managed to outperform some of the most popular apps in the market.

Pokemon GO released on July 6 2016 for Australia and North America. It released on July 13 for Europe. Pokemon GO’s success quickly surged Nintendo’s net worth.